Monday, September 22, 2008

Isaac and Melissa, September 20

I have known Isaac since he was a little boy. My wife has known him from the time he was an infant. His parents, our friends, Chuckie and Lorraine (photo of Lorraine above) are God parents to our son. My wife and I fell in-love over dinner at Chuck and Lorranie's house. So, when Isaac and Melissa called me when they became engaged and asked if I would officiate their wedding, this was a huge full circle moment. My wife, cried every time we talked about it, for months...happy tears. I had the honor of marrying them in the beautiful Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn, NY, at twilight on Saturday. The reception was in the Palm House, just a few hundred yards from the field where the wedding took place, hence, the photo of the palm! Isaac and Melissa are humble, kind, generous, smart kids, and we look forward to a full and blessed life for the now, Mr. & Mrs. Cohen!