Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Son, Graduations...

This is my son, Edward. He will be 19 years old in a couple of weeks. The top picture is Edward when he 'graduated' kindergarden with his teacher. The middle picture is his 6th grade graduation, andthe BIG photo is from the evening of his High School graduation. Hard to believe, this curly haired little boy is getting ready to enter into his Sophomore year of college. He and I have a great relationship. From the second he came into this world, screaming his little lungs out, we've been like 2 peas in a pod. I love this kid so much. He has Juvenile or Type 1 Diabetes. Hard for me to talk about it, I get too emotional. He has been well trained, if you will, especially w/ the daily, 24/7 input from Amy, my wife. We ALL got diabetes when he was diagnosed, almost 7 years ago. The good news is that technology is on the cutting edge for Diabetics and he is the recepient of all the great strides that have been made, even over the past 5 years. When we sent him off to college, we put him in God's hands, we trusted the Lord that Edward would manage his diabetes on his own. It was time and he was ready. God answered our prayers and he did not get sick once. So, now, we are getting ready to send him off again. There are no guarantees, but we are trusting Jesus for his very life, 24/7. We ask that you would keep our precious boy in your prayers as he happily flies the coop!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

Great post...what a GORGEOUS kid!!!
Oh, right, he's my son too!!! lol


The Muse said...

Ok I just read Amy's comment....!
Too sweet! :)

I am certain that you both had a hand in raising this fine young man...and equally as certain that his health issues are a concern to both as well.

I congratulate you for talking about it, for sharing...for in help educate so many ! :)

Roots of Evangelism said...

Yes, we both had a BIG hand in raising him, but Amy really tended to the day to day 'dealings' with the diabetes. She was 'nurse/mom' for all those years! Edward and I are very, very's's a guy thing!!

Thank you for your thoughtful comment.