Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's Give it Another Whirl...I've Been Busy...

Many months have gone by since I last wrote. Philly won the World Series in 2008, and now, I'm in the thick of checking the stats for this year, with dreams of another Philly victory. The Yankee/Red Sox rivalry always has my attention, because I am so NOT a fan of the New England teams. Living in Providence makes it, shall we say, interesting.

Work is busy. I'm the Chaplin for the Dartmouth House of Corrections in Fall River. Teaching these men, intensively about the love of God is a full time job. It is our continued prayer to have them enter into the Teen Challenge Program after they finish their time in jail. We have seen some wonderful, victorious testimonies come out of the prison, and at the same time there are some tragic losses along the way. But, I continue to stay close to the Lord and do all that I can for these men.

Edward is taking classes this summer and he has experienced a huge learning curve, because his dorm is more like an apartment and he is responsible for feeding himself, rather than having a food plan and a nice college cafeteria, to feed him. His health is very good (he has Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes), and he is excited about the work he is doing with story boarding and animation.

Amy continues to keep busy, doing craft shows, making jewelry, doing her photography, blogging, running the household. Always a project. She is now the 'official' Government Relations person for the State of Rhode Island, representing the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. She's just getting her feet wet in this position, and I'm certain she'll make a big difference in helping raise awareness to find a cure. Very proud of her, and Edward!!

Hopefully, I'll check in more. Blogging is a great tool for someone like me. I just need to find the time!!! We did have a good week of going to the beach here in RI. I find that longs walks by the ocean w/ Amy and my Lord are very, very rejuvenating!!!


Amy Lilley Designs said...

GREAT to see you blogging again....a man w/ MUCH to say...love love love

Lausanne said...

Love the picture! Thanks for writing. I always like to keep up with you guys!

Christy DeKoning said...

Wow - I knew Amy was busy, but that's an understatement.
Lovely photo and so glad to read that Edward is enjoying storyboarding.

Roots of Evangelism said...

Thank you Amy, Lausanne and Christy for your comments. I really do hope to check in more often!